Geometry creation

To be successful in an optimization a purposeful parametric geometry is important.

It is important that you’re able to create the geometry you really want. Not just what the geometry tool can do.

This eventually make ju want to have so much control so you end up writing an own program for the geometry.

This 3d bend optimization will use ellipses. So the actual centerline of the pipe has an elliptic shape.

Centerline arc is an ellips

The inlet and outlet has a circular shape. In the bend the cross-section is elliptic. The D1 and D2 values is varied using a spline function along the centerline. Also an offset is varied using a spline.

The cross section parameters. D1, D2 and offset
The splines that controls D1,D2 and offset along centerline

All these ideas where implemented in a small Ruby script. The script creates a stl-file which will be meshed using cfMesh in next step.

In order to run it you have to install Spliner in Ruby, not present in too old Ruby versions. You can write “gem install spliner”. With ruby in you path…